What to Love about Panama: Adventure

By on December 3, 2014

Adventure lovers will surely be addicted to Panama because of its wide array of recreational opportunities. If you are fond of outdoor holidays and would love to get moving while on vacation, you won’t be disappointed in this destination. Check these exciting activities that you can do while here.

1.    Horseback riding

Horses are well loved in Panama. In fact, you can see horses practically everywhere. If you want an exciting ride, you can proceed to Boquete or perhaps head to Bocas del Toro. You may also take part in equestrian tours to El Valle de Antón and Cerro Punta.

2.    Bird watching

There are about 960 bird species in the country, some of them endemic. If you love birds and would want to see some of the most magnificent creatures, visit Boquete.

3.    Diving

Boasting 1,600 islands and linking together two oceans, there is just so much to explore in Panamanian waters. Diving enthusiasts come to visit to be able to witness the rich marine life of Panama first hand. Get to see some of the best underwater creatures such as sharks and manta rays. Among the best diving spots is Bocas del Toro, which is famous for its coral reefs. Another great spot is Isla Coiba, which is a part of a protected site.

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