What to Eat in South Africa

By on November 24, 2014

Considered to be a “rainbow cuisine” the food in South Africa is diverse as the country had been colonized by various groups such as the Dutch, Germans, French, and Italians. It is not uncommon for one to recognize some familiar flavors whenever they taste a South African dish.

The local cuisine has evolved interestingly over time. During the pre-colonial period, the locals ate meals that consist mostly of harvests. Fruits, nuts, bulbs, and leaves occupy a huge portion of the commonly used ingredients. Wild game gave the local cuisine a good dose of protein. The time of urbanization caused a change in the diet of the locals as shift from indigenous materials to more expensive ingredients took place. The food during those times used plenty of wheat, rice, corn, and sugar.

The arrival of settlers in the country introduced the locals to more sophisticated European flavors and techniques. During this time, the locals learned about sausages and other cured meats. A regional cuisine known as the Cape Dutch is said to resemble the flavors commonly associated with Indonesian dishes. The use of spices such as nutmeg, all spice, and chili can be observed in most Cape Dutch offerings.

When it comes to beverages, beer has been a pretty consistent part of the South African lifestyle. Beer was believed to have been produced locally since the pre-colonial times. Also, since the soil is fertile and the cattle are abundant, milk and dairy products are also plenty in the country.

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