What to Eat and Drink in Egypt

By on October 23, 2014

Among the many highlights of visiting Egypt is the food. The cuisine in the country is a mix of several influences and is as diverse as its culture. Bread is eaten frequently in Egypt and is a part of every meal. The dishes also use a lot of legumes and vegetables. Because veggies are staples, those who can’t eat meat will find the local cuisine very pleasing. Here’s what you should eat and drink while here.


A type of cake, this is one of the sweet local offerings that you should taste. This is made of flour mixed with syrup. To add some flavor, some people add coconut and rose water in the mix. Basbousa can also be topped with nuts to have a bit of texture.


Kofta is a popular meatball dish that is made by mixing minced meat like lamb, spices, and onions. The meatballs can be cooked using a skewer or can be served as a stew. The meat can be beef, lamb, or chicken. In some areas, people also use fish or shrimp.


A filling dish with a good dose of carbohydrates, Kushari is made from a mix of rice, lentils, and macaroni. It is topped with a tangy tomato based sauce. Fried onions, chickpeas, and hot sauce complete the dish. This is usually made to save and revive leftovers.

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