What to Do in Panama

By on December 3, 2014

Visit a coffee plantation.

Among the things that Panama is known for is great tasting coffee. Along with countries like Columbia and Peru, Panama is one of the world’s best sources of coffee. In fact, many tourists are specifically in the country for a coffee tour. A tour could cost you up to $25, but the experience will certainly be worth it. Most tours take half a day to complete and you can choose whether you’d like a morning or an afternoon tour. Boquete is a must stop for you if you want to set foot in a coffee plantation.

See Volcan Baru

Known as the only volcano in the country, this is a good place to see if you love nature and would want to tour some coffee plantations.  It is an active volcano and its peak is the highest point in the country. If the weather allows, it is possible to see both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean at its peak. For bird enthusiasts, this is also the perfect venue to see the Resplendent Quetzal, which is one of the planet’s most mesmerizing bird species.

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