What to Buy in Kenya

By on December 8, 2014

Shopping in Kenya can be a lot of fun as there are many great local items that will surely tickle your fancy. The local crafts and arts, the fresh produce, and the many colorful fabrics will make any tourist intoxicated and excited to buy. In Kenya, it is okay to bargain and negotiate when it comes to the price. However, know that some items especially the artsy ones take some effort to make. Always pay whatever you think is the fair price and don’t go too low. Usually, the sellers are friendly and will give you a good price anyway. Also, avoid any items that are made from endangered animals. These include animal hides and horns. If you can’t tell, don’t purchase. Getting such an item out of the country is illegal and may get you into trouble.


Kenyan artworks or batiks are very popular souvenirs. If you want unique artworks for your home or office or you want a great souvenir to give to friends, batiks are good options.

Beaded bracelets

Kenya is also famous for its colorful and eye-catching beaded bracelets. The Maasai designs are very distinct and make really good statement pieces. You can buy a number of these for a good price and hand them out as gifts when you get back home.

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