What to Buy in Egypt

By on October 23, 2014

It’s always a joy to shop whenever you visit a place. Here in Egypt, you can buy a number of interesting items at the local shops. Here are some examples.


Those who love anything old will love the antique finds in the country. When shopping for antiques, make sure that they are really antiques and not antiquities. Antiquities are highly guarded by the government and buying them is prohibited.

Carpets and rugs

Beautifully done rugs and carpets are also popular in Egypt. These carpets are handmade and are richly patterned, making them highly coveted. Visiting a carpet factory would be beneficial if you are shopping for quality. The locally made rugs come in several types. Kilims are made by looms. The other two types are knotted wool and knotted silk. There are carpet stores that accept credit cards and offer international shipping.

Jewellery Cartouches/ Khartouche

Cartouches are popular souvenirs. These are made from metal and resemble an oval shaped plate. Your name in hieroglyphs can be engraved on the surface to make it more personalized.

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