Turkey Travel with Kids

By on October 20, 2014

Travelling with kids to any destination can be both fun and a bit challenging. If your destination is Turkey, you should not worry as there are plenty of places in the country that are children-friendly and are guaranteed to be enjoyed by the whole family.

In Istanbul, your little ones will be enchanted by the castles and palaces that the city is known for. Here you can take the whole family on a ferry boat and have fun exploring the city in a laidback kind of way, seeing its many attractions all in one go. The Topkaki Palace is the perfect place to have a picnic. This is a famous family attraction because it gives children a chance to see an actual palace that is decorated elaborately, with enough eye-catching details to capture the little ones’ attention. You can also take the kids to the Istanbul Dolphinarium. There, they can see the adorable dolphins at play. Aside from the dolphins, kids can also see the seals and the white whale.

For a dash of adventure, take the kids to Cappadocia. This is famous for its exciting hot air balloon rides and is a portion of Turkey well known for its land formations. There are mysterious caves and enchanting rock pinnacles that will prompt you to click on the camera non-stop. Here you can rent a bike and explore the place at an easy pace. You can also get a delicious ice cream at My House Restaurant. With a history that dates back to 1800 BC, you simply can’t miss to see Cappadocia.

Bodrum is another family-friendly destination in Turkey. This place offers amazing opportunities for swimming. It is also often chosen for its yacht and a number of really good dining places. On your visit here, take some time to check out the Crusader Castle, which is a known local attraction. The Aqua Park Dedeman Bodrum is also another must see site for those who want to cool down and hit the waves. This is the biggest water park in Turkey and will certainly let you and the kids have a lot of fun during your visit.

If you prefer staying cool at the beach and taking advantage of the sunny weather in the country, there are plenty of really good beaches in Turkey. Active teenagers who love outdoor adventures will also be delighted as there are a variety of exciting recreational activities that they can do locally. Among them are windsurfing, hiking, seeing some of the country’s notable archeological sites. You can also take them shopping for souvenirs.

For those who are travelling with an infant, you need not worry as most essentials such as a diaper can easily be found in the market. You will also find a wide array of baby food, so you need not worry about packing those as well.

The great thing about being in Turkey is that most accommodations are family-friendly. You can always ask for adjoining rooms or accommodations that are specifically arranged to accommodate your family’s needs. The prices for accommodations are highly varied. There is one for every budget.

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