Top 5 Things to Buy in Cambodia

By on August 9, 2014


For your friends who love fashion, among the best items you can give them is the Krama—which is a popular piece of clothing in Cambodia. This is worn by men, women, and even by kids, and has multitude of uses. It is commonly used as a head piece, while some use it as a scarf. It can also be used as a baby holder, like a mommy sack of some sort. Gingham is the usual pattern used for the Krama.

This garment can be easily found and is of high quality. You may buy some at Siem Reap, the Angkor Night Market, as well as the Old Market (Psas Chas)


Basket weaves are very popular in Asia, most specially in Cambodia. You can easily find them on the streets and in different local markets. These baskets come in different sizes and shapes and can be used as containers and as decorative pieces. A variation of the usual baskets exists in the form of woven purses that come in many different colors. These come in various sizes too and make good statement pieces if you love unique items.

Wooden Items

Also among the popular things to buy in Cambodia are wooden items. These come in the form of decorative carved wood, furniture, and even small home trinkets that can be used as décor. Because most of these items are heavy and bulky, it would be wise to just have them shipped at home. Note that for wooden items, the price is often influenced by the age, kind, and the work done on the wood. To get the best bargains, shop around first before committing to a piece.

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