Tips When Travelling to Kenya

By on December 8, 2014

Kenya is such an interesting country to visit. Known for its wildlife and highly diverse landscapes, travelling to this destination is a chance to open yourself up to a new culture and meet friendly locals. When visiting this place, remember these tips to have a safe and wonderful stay.

1.    Make it a goal to see the big 5 and more

In Kenya, the animals in the wild are definitely a must see. Make sure that you see all of them, especially the big 5—lion, rhino, elephant, leopard, and cape buffalo. Aside from these, you can also see the zebras, the giraffes, and some of the marine species that can be found in the rich waters of Kenya.

2.    Notice how warm the people are

One of the best things about being in Kenya is that the people are warm, friendly, and accommodating. Appreciate their niceness.

3.    Dress for a dusty tropical climate

Rugged environmental conditions will greet you in Kenya. The roads are often dusty and the weather patterns can be unpredictable. Pack plenty of light clothing and dress for the warm weather. However, make sure that you have something to keep you warm when the cold strikes. Here, items that can be layered are better options than bulky cold weather clothes.

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