Things to Do in Scotland

By on October 22, 2014

One of the interesting destinations in UK is Scotland. While sharing similarities with other United Kingdom countries, Scotland has a culture all its own. The country is known for its lush landscapes, carefree people, and amazing festivals. Among the things that made this place popular is whisky, which is produced in the country. Here are some activities that you can do during your visit.

Go on a driving tour.

The rich landscapes of Scotland mean that there is so much to see for visitors. The easiest way to explore the place is to go on a driving tour. Just be careful when driving during rainy days as it can be challenging and quite dangerous. You may start your trip from Glascow and head on you will have the chance to take amazing views of the loch. You may also see the beauty of Rannoch Moor, which is so fascinating. Another great stop is Kings House Hote where guests can admire picture perfect views of  Buachaille Etive Mor. At the Meeting of Three Waters in Glencoe, you will see the waterfalls and be able to relax, thanks to the tranquil atmosphere. If you are itching to hike, you can stop by Ben Nevis, which is considered to be the highest peak in the United Kingdom. Before your driving tour ends, you can visit the distillery at Muir of Ord. The distillery tours are free and are worth checking out.

Travel by train.

While railway travel is pricey, the gorgeous scenery that will greet you all throughout the trip is totally worth it. Among the places you can discover during the ride are Glascow, the Dumbarton Castle, The Cobbler, and Fort William, and a whole lot more. The West Highland Line is probably the most popular one. However, the Central and North Highlands are also recommended.

Hire a motorcycle.

For the adventurous type who wants to travel with some speed and a lot of personal space, a great activity is to go on a motorcycle ride. The roads have great surfaces and the easy traffic makes motorcycle rides an amazing experience for tourists.

Ride a bike.

An alternative to the motorcycle is a mountain bike. You can take pleasure while cycling in Scotland as the trails are highly varied and there is one to match every skill level. This makes a great workout too and is a good way to slowly savor to beauty of the country. Scotland is famous for its biking events and biking centers. For a challenging trail, check out Quiraing, which is known for its mesmerizing rock formations. You may also want to try the Loch Ladasdail Circuit.

Witness the Scotland’s Highland games.

From tug of war to caber tossing, everyone will surely be entertained by the show of physical strength and sportsmanship at the Scotland’s Highland games. This happens every summer and is one of the events that you should not miss.

Ride a sailboat.

Sailing in Scotland is such a pleasure and is one romantic activity that you can choose to do if you are in the country for your honeymoon. The waters are very clear and provide a relaxing atmosphere that will instantly soothe you.

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