Shopping in India: Best Places To Spend Your Money

By on August 20, 2014

shopping-in-indiaShopping and travel definitely mix and if your destination is India, you will have a lot of fun perusing the stores and buying different items such as Indian art, carpet, textiles, and even jewelry. Here are some of the best places where you can indulge the shopaholic in you.


Travelers often frequent Delhi to look for something local to buy. The place has an exotic atmosphere and offers guests plenty of shopping spots to visit. There’s Lajpat Nagar or the Central Market where you can buy accessories such as bangles and lots of clothing articles. Shoes and bags are also often bought here.

A more upscale shopping place where the elites shop frequent is Sunder Nagar. The rich choose this because of its fine offerings. There are antiques and jewelry pieces that you might want to check here. After the shopping spree, you can have some tea with friends and enjoy the ambience.

For more variety and some familiar brands, you can visit Connaught Place. This looks like a typical mall and is a good place to shop if you want a good mix of great local items and more familiar international items. Here you can find some of Delhi’s really good dining places plus a number of shops that will cater to different needs.


This is another shopping haven for tourists as there are a number of shops that are based here. If more traditional items are what you like to spend your money on, Nainital will never disappoint. You can easily find local crafts, high quality fabrics, ethnic shoes, and some yummy food items here.

Bara Bazaar is a food lover’s paradise as here you can find some really good food items such as preserves, juices, and lots of fresh fruits.

For some unique trinkets and souvenir items, a good stop is the Mall Road. This is open daily and is a good source of costume jewelry, candles, and reading materials.


When it comes to shopping, Bangalore won’t be left behind. If you don’t mind the crowd, you can try the Commercial Street Market. Here you can actually find great bargains and even haggle. Shop for bags and clothing and make sure that you check for quality whenever you pick an item.

For those who want to check out local crafts, a must stop in Bangalore is The Bombay Store. There’s something here for different kinds of budget. In addition, most of the items they carry are unique. If you are shopping for gifts, The Bombay Store is a good place to buy.

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