Romantic Holiday in England

By on October 22, 2014

Whether you are in England for a romantic holiday or for your honeymoon, there are many ideas that are perfect for couples who want to have a memorable time while here. Romance is definitely in the air as you explore the country with your beloved. Here are some ideas.

Take advantage of the Ambience at Windermere.

This is the country’s longest lake and is famous for its magical scenery and quiet atmosphere. The idyllic setting makes this the perfect place to propose or surprise a loved one with a romantic treat. You can ride a boat or simply luxuriate in the water and mountain views. Because of its beauty, this lake has been mentioned a number of times in different poems.

Have a nice picnic at the Oxford Botanic Garden.

Located at the heart of the city, this is among the best sights in England. It is open all year round and is a mesmerizing venue for nature lovers. The garden was founded in 1621 and is a popular attraction among tourists. Couples can have a picnic here—an experience that they will certainly enjoy.

Have a spa for two.

There is nothing more sensual and relaxing than indulging in a spa ritual with your loved one. London is a home to some of the chicest and most luxurious spas in Europe. The Hoar Cross Hall Spa Hotel is a recommended place for the indulgent couple. Their spa facilities are top notch. You definitely should try some of their signature treatments. The Noon Till Night Spa will certainly melt your stress away and make you ready for more romantic nights ahead. Hoar Cross Hall Spa Hotel has various impressive great value offers that will give you amazing value for money.

Shop at the Borough Market.

Food lovers will enjoy shopping and eating local treats at the Borough Market. Wake up early on a Saturday and check out the booths that offer food items of every kind. Locally sourced fruits and vegetables, exotic spices, freshly baked bread, and yummy cheeses—you’ll find all of them here. If you love to cook or you simply want to save money on dining expenses, buy your supplies here and keep your pantry well stocked.

Visit the local vineyards.

Vineyards are among the most serene and romantic places in England. One of the best ones to visit is the Furleigh Estate vineyard. Check out their grapes and go on a wine tasting tour you and your loved one will never forget.

Spend your holiday at the Hundred House.

Located in Shropshire, this is a romantic family run inn where you can spend your UK holiday. Its old school charm, great tasting food, and personalized service makes it the perfect honeymoon haven for couples who want to experience the best of English hospitality.

Have some adventure at the Lake District.

Lake District, Cumbria is an adventure den that outdoorsy couples will certainly enjoy. This is the perfect spot to go nature tripping and simply indulge in the beauty of the rural landscapes. You can go cycling here, play water sports, or test your surviving skills and see if you can light a fire just the way the ancient people do. You and your loved one can also ride the zip line and climb the haywire. This place is truly like an adult playground and is a great venue for couples to bond.

Enjoy the seclusion and ambience of Allen Valleys.

England has a lot of romantic spots for lovers and one of them is the Allen Valleys. Picture perfect, relaxing, and so peaceful, here you and your beloved can experience the ultimate bliss as you gaze at lush green landscapes of the valleys. Sit on the grass and just feel the breeze wafting all around. You can also stroll hand in hand and take some time to check out the majestic waterfalls. You can also choose to stay here on your holiday and be able to savor the ambience and enjoy the finest local food all throughout your holiday.

Stop by the Westminster Abbey

This cathedral was the place where Prince William and his bride got married. Certainly, it is worth seeing.

Watch the most incredible sunset.

Sunsets are beautiful, golden, and absolutely romantic. There’s nothing like the feeling of awe that you’ll get as you witness the sky and the grounds being surrounded by golden light. In England, you can witness the most breathtaking sunsets at Margate. Have a glass of wine and enjoy an early dinner as you watch this simply but stunning phenomenon.

Have fun with chocolate.

In England, you can join a chocolate making workshop. Check out Bittersweet Chocolate at Leicestershire and learn how to make sweet chocolate based treats that you and your loved one can share together.

Spend some time at the Greenwich Park.

Set on top of a hill, the Greenwich Park provides guests with stunning panorama that showcases views of some local landmarks such as River Thames and St Paul’s Cathedral. The park is open to the public all throughout the year and is a good venue for a morning stroll, a picnic, or an afternoon break. The many colorful flowers and the well maintained grounds are conducive to romance. Couples should not miss the chance to visit this park while in England.

Have a romantic dinner for two with marine species.

The Two Rivers Restaurant boasts a stunning architecture and a unique dining experience that allows guests to have dinner right at the heart of an aquarium. The atmosphere is very unique and is something that will really impress you. The menu of the restaurant is good. They have a different selection depending on what time of the year you visit. Take this chance to see the beautiful underwater species that consider England waters as their home. This restaurant is located in Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire. Here guests can enjoy a Mediterranean menu while observing fishes and other water species in one of Europe’s most advanced aquatic displays.

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