Obscure Things You Can Do in China

By on August 20, 2014

They say that nothing is too weird when you are in China. Here, it’s not uncommon to see weird stuffs being sold in the supermarkets such as a whole shark in the frozen section or live insects used as key holders. In China, you can also buy fresh air in a can or fresh frogs in stores. Aside from seeing these rare commodities, here are some other extra ordinary things that you can do in China.

Get up close and personal with the pandas

China is panda land and here you can actually see these cute furry creatures at play in their natural environment. You can also get the rare chance to cuddle with the pandas—just be prepared to pay a steep price.

Take a picture with a tiger on a leash

Another weird thing you can do in China is to take with pictures with a tiger. Sounds scary right? Here, everyone’s doing it, even the kids.

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