Must Try: Top Things to Eat in China

By on August 20, 2014

Peking duck

By: cattoo

As one of the world’s oldest civilizations, a visit to China can be so enriching in many different ways. Your visit here won’t be complete without getting to know a bunch of some local delicacies. In fact, they say that China is among the best places on earth to have a food trip, particularly if you love Oriental flavors and you don’t fear the eccentric and the unusual. Here are some of the best local foods that you should not miss out on.

Peking duck

A very famous dish that dates back to the Imperial Era, this originated in Beijing. This dish is so delicious because of the breed of the duck and the way it is cooked and seasoned. The hung oven is the special equipment used for cooking Peking duck. Oftentimes, this is served with scallions, sweet bean sauce, and yummy pancakes.

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