Kids in France: Disneyland Paris

By on September 11, 2014

Paris has everything for all ages, including the kids. If you are travelling with the children and you want them to have a marvelous time in the city of lights, definitely the best place to be is Disneyland Paris. This is the most frequented attraction in the entire Europe and is a complex that consists of parks, entertainment centers, shopping centers, a railway station, a golf course, and hotels.


Being a kid-oriented place, here the majority of the perks are specially geared towards the young set. The theme park imposes special children’s rate for the Disney Parks and Hotels. In addition, there are baby centers in key areas of the park where you can attend to the needs and concerns of your little ones. There are plenty of play areas all around the park—both indoor and outdoor, so children have a lot of place to run around and enjoy the fun ambience. As for the restaurants and dining places, kids menu that features dishes that children love are available.

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