Kenya Highlights: Mount Kenya

By on December 7, 2014

Cave Exploration

15691954439_b09ddbce9c_oExploring the nooks and crannies offered by the mountain is also a fulfilling activity. This is popular because of the mountain has plenty of ice caves that are worth seeing. These caves are mysterious and are the perfect places to get some unique photographs and discover the hidden depths of Kenya.


For a memorable holiday spent outdoors, the whole family can choose to go camping. The lovely environment offered by the park is conducive to a good camping experience. You can spend a vacation surrounded with greenery and be as close to nature as you possibly can. You can dine underneath the stars,  feel the breeze and hear the charming evening sounds of the bugs.

Where to Stay

For those who are planning to spend their holiday at Mount Kenya, among the places that you can consider for your accommodation is Serena Mountain Lodge. This is within Mount Kenya National Park and is a good venue for a family holiday. From Nairobi, it can be reached in about 2 hours. This has 41 rooms and a beautiful gallery dining room with fantastic views. The rooms here are impressive and the ambience makes it suitable for a wedding and a honeymoon. The cabin style rooms are homey and cozy. Plus, the place has outstanding amenities including a reliable Wi-Fi connection.

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