Kenya Highlights: Mount Kenya

By on December 7, 2014

The highest peak in Kenya and the second in the whole of Africa, Mount Kenya is one of the attractions in the country. Getting about 16,000 visitors per year, many holiday goers visit the UNESCO World Heritage Park that is located at the center of the mountain. Founded in 1949, the Mount Kenya National Park is a home to several plant and animal species and is known for its beauty. The Park is famous for its geographical variety and a visit is a chance for the visitors to see the glaciers, the forests, the mineral springs, lakes and so much more. At the Park are over 150 species of birds and incredible fauna that includes elephants, white tailed mongoose, forest hog, and mole rat. Among the activities tourists enjoy here are camping, sightseeing, and exploring the caves. There are those who even go hiking and ice climbing.


Reaching the summit of Mount Kenya is possible but can be tough. This is why it attracts many of those who are seeking some adventure. There are many possible routes to choose from and the Chogoria – Sirimon is one of the most popular ones. As long as you have a great guide, you will find the hiking experience extremely amazing. With diverse textures and mesmerizing sights, hiking Mount Kenya is the perfect activity for the outdoorsy.

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