Kenya Highlights: Lake Nakuru National Park

By on December 7, 2014

By: ldeng

For those who are interested to visit Kenya, a notable attraction that you must see is the Lake Nakuru National Park. This is a popular site to see the rhinos as well as the leopards. In addition, it’s also a site to see some of Kenya’s fascinating species—the flamingos. A huge number of these birds can be found at the lake, making the park very popular among tourists. As one of Kenya’s two premium parks, your visit here will truly be rewarding.

Aside from the many species of birds, the park is also a home to a great number of mammals and plants species. Some of the animals that you will surely see at the site during your visit are the baboons, the white rhinos, the fish eagles, and the cheetahs. In addition to these animals, you will also be delighted with the parks rich landscapes. Green grasslands and dense forests add texture to the park grounds. It’s no wonder that the ecosystem here is so healthy and that many species choose this area as their home.

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