Italy Travel Tips

By on September 23, 2014

Italy has always been one of the finest countries to visit in Europe. Its ancient cathedrals, amazing cuisine, sweeping landscapes, and charming culture make it a hit among travelers from all walks of life. There are so many things you can love about Italy. You may fall in love with the richness of its history, be in awe of its architecture, and go head over heels over its ancient towns. If you are a planning a trip to Italy, these are some reminders that will help you to have a more memorable and enjoyable stay.

1.    A little Italian can get you far.

Italian is the major language in the country and while 40% of the population can speak English, it’s always wise to know some of the basic phrases. There is nothing more endearing for an Italian than a tourist really making an effort to get into the local culture.

2.    Always ask permission before entering a local’s house, even if you’ve been invited.

Say “Permesso” before you enter the door.

3.    Italians sit down at the table for their meals.

The locals love food so much that they treat their meal times as something really important. Eating inside a car is not a done thing in Italy. So is fiddling with your phone or walking while you eat. The Italian way of eating is usually elaborate. Meals consist of many dishes and really take time, both to prepare and to enjoy.

4.    Eating out is enjoyable but can be pricey.

The highly recommended food items for those who would like to save money are quick snacks like Panini and pizza. A coperta or sit down fee is implemented by all local restaurants, so if you think about it, you can cut down on the spending by making your own meals.

5.    Italian hot chocolate may come as a surprise.

If you are craving for a warm drink and you think that hot chocolate might give you that comforting feeling of home, don’t count on it. The local version of hot chocolate is thicker, heavier and looks more like a pudding than a drink.

6.    There are no to-go coffees in Italy.

If in your home country you are used to having coffee while walking or you get to the habit of ordering your morning caffeine fix and bringing it to the office, you will be a bit disappointed here since you can’t do that. You are expected to enjoy your coffee where you bought it.

7.    Skip the breakfast at your hotel sometimes.

The Italians eat their breakfast standing and trying this out at a local bar is certainly an experience you will never forget.

8.    Make room for your travel budget to buy shoes.

Italian shoes are known for their amazing quality and are so durable they will last you for many years.

9.    Go to the bank early.

If you have bank transactions, attend to them in the morning since banks are only open for 1 hour during the afternoon.

10.    Don’t come looking for fraps and pasta alfredo.

These two are ironically not Italian, despite what the rest of the world thinks about them. Try hard as you may but you won’t find them in Italy.

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