Egypt Travel Tips

By on October 23, 2014

A mix of different cultures and one of the oldest civilizations in the world, Egypt has always mesmerized tourists because of its ancient structures, majestic pyramids, and long stretch of desert. Not to mention that it has a fascinating history and a culture worth exploring. If you are planning to visit Egypt, keep these tips in mind to have a better stay in the country.

1.    Have enough local currency all the time.

Thankfully, the price of almost everything in Egypt is cheaper than in most countries. To have easy access on local attractions and establishments, it is always advisable to have plenty of local money with you. The currency is called the Egyptian pound, make sure you never run out especially during a long day of sightseeing.

2.    Drink lots of water and fluids.

When in Egypt, you have to get acclimated with desert climate. Most parts of the country are hot—hotter than most places on the planet. Make sure that you load up on the water. Bottled water is cheap, so always carry a bottle with you when you head out. However, do not drink tap water as it is only suitable for cleansing purposes.

3.    Observe and respect the culture and religion of the Muslims.

Egypt is a Muslim country, which means that they are conservative when it comes to clothing and public displays of affection. Avoid skimpy and revealing outfits while here and be sure to dress appropriately when entering a mosque or any sacred place.

4.    Bring your teacher/student ID.

Great discounts await holders of ISIC or International Student Identification Card. Bring the ID with you whenever you will be exploring the local tourist attractions.

5.    Ditch the heels and open toed sandals.

When travelling to Egypt, comfortable shoes are a must. You will be walking on rough roads, conquering a lot of sand and seeing attractions with stone floorings. A closed pair of comfortable shoes will make you ready for anything and will ensure greater endurance as you hop from attraction to attraction.

6.    The best time to go on a holiday in Egypt is from November to March if you are sensitive to the heat.

Avoid the time from July to August when the weather is at its hottest. For those who don’t mind the heat, you may choose June and September to take advantage of discounts on some local attractions.

7.    Travelling Egypt by cab is pricey, so avoid it at all cost.

If you really want to take a cab, have the hotel find one for you. It is safer and better that way.

8.    Carry a bag of wet wipes or hand sanitizer all the time.

In Egypt, a wash area is not always available so you have to bring things that will help you clean up easily. Wet wipes are handy especially if you are travelling with kids and if you’ve spend a few hours sightseeing and walking around.

9.    Try the local food.

Egypt has always been a favorite spot of explorers and its position makes it easy to visit. This shaped the culture of Egypt a great deal. The local food is as diverse as its culture. There are many delicious dishes that you must definitely try.

10.    A pocket flashlight will come in handy.

Most ancient archeological sites in the country are only lighted by natural lighting. To enjoy the experience better and to ensure safety, have a small flashlight with you at all times.

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