Blow Your Mind: Weird Things to Buy in China

By on August 20, 2014

There are many things that you can do in China. One of them is shopping. In the country however, don’t limit yourself with the mainstream stuff. While you are in China is the best time to discover some weird items that you can buy in stores.

Panda Poop Tea

If you are a fan of pandas and you want to take your fondness to the next level, you can try the eccentric tea made from leaves that were grown using panda poop as fertilizer. The founder of this tea is planning to sell it for $200 per cup, making it a very pricey beverage.

White People

In China, being seen with a white person is often thought of a status symbol, which is why many businessmen choose to pay white actors to be with them during business functions. The idea is to make the person who you are dealing with believe that you have a white guy as a business partner.

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