Best of United Kingdom: What to Eat in UK?

By on October 22, 2014

When you visit United Kingdom, make sure that you try as many as the local dishes as you possibly can. The local cuisine is good and will make your chow time more interesting and fun. Here are some of the best ones.


With over 700 types of cheeses made in Britain, you can be sure to find plenty of cheese everywhere in the UK. The local markets are the best places to get the finest local cheeses. Among the varieties you should look for are Cheddar, Stilton, and Oxford Blue. All of these taste really good and can be very addictive.

Deep-Fried Mars™ Bar

A simple but genius concept, this is simply a bar of Mars chocolate that is coated in batter and deep fried to perfection. The result is a gooey in the middle sweet treat that you’d love to eat again and again.

Cornish Pasty

This is a filling pie that contains a mix of minced beef and vegetables. The best versions are said to be found in Cornwall and Devon. Avoid the ones that are sold in common places like gas stations as they are not that good.

Black Pudding

Black pudding is a type of sausage that is made from pig’s blood. It is actually a delicacy of the North of England but can be found very easily all throughout the country. Aside from the blood, oatmeal is used as well. Spices are added in the mix to give the sausage a nice flavor. This is served whole or sliced and can be fried or grilled, depending on preference.


This is a sausage like treat that is made by combining minced meat, oatmeal, spices, suet, and sheep’s innards. This mixture is contained in a sheep’s stomach and is boiled. There are a few who avoid this dish because of its seemingly unappealing description, but it is actually very good. Fond eaters can’t get enough of its nutty-savory taste.


This is a traditional Welsh dish made from seaweed and oatmeal. The mixture is lightly fried and is often served with bacon rashers. Laverbread has a lot of nutritional benefits and is a good source of iodine.


Commonly served at breakfast, this is a type of pancake that is made from oats. It takes the place of  bread and is served hot.


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Pasties are deep fried pastries that are filled with a meat mixture. The filling is made of onions, minced meat and potatoes.

Potato Bread

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This is a type of bread that uses potatoes as its main ingredient.

Lancashire Hotpot

A yummy comfort food, this is a type of meat and vegetable stew. The usual ingredients are lamb, potatoes, and onion. Everything is sliced neatly and is cooked for a long time in a pot. It is a common main course dish.


Unlike most sausages that are all meat, the sausages found in UK often contain fillers like oatmeal and rusk. Among the must-tries are Cumberland-ring and Lincolnshire.

Sunday dinner/Roast dinner

A sumptuous meal eaten on a Sunday, this is a heavy offering of roasted meat, roasted potatoes, and vegetables. A special gravy is served with the meal, as well as a Yorkshire pudding if the meat of choice is beef.

Fish and Chips

A very popular take away food in the UK, fish and chips is simple but good. It consists of deep fried battered fish and fried potatoes.

Eccles Cake

Also known as a squashed fly cake, this is a type of shortcake/pastry that has a filling of currants or raisins and is topped with sugar.

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