Best Dishes in Kenya

By on December 7, 2014


Madazi are fried bread that is similar in concept to a doughnut. They have a fluffy texture when cooked and usually are made richer and tastier by adding coconut milk in the flour mixture. These breads are made in advance and can be reheated. They are usually served for breakfast along with tea. They also function as dessert. The recipes for Madazi are highly varied. Some prepare dips for the cooked breads, while others add nuts to the dough.


This is a rice dish made by cooking the rice grains in seasoned broth. Vegetables and meats slices can be added to the mix to provide more flavor and texture.


A traditional dish in Kenya, this is a stew made of beans and corn. It is cooked in a single pot until the beans and the corn are tender enough to eat. This is very popular in the country because it is hearty and has lots of nutrients.

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