Best Dishes in Kenya

By on December 7, 2014

The best part of going on vacation is tasting local food and beverages. Here are some of the things you should look forward too when dining in Kenya.


By: damten

By: damten

Chapati is a type of flat bread and is a staple in Kenya. It resembles pita bread or any type of unleavened bread. It is paired with another dish and acts as a source of carbohydrates.

Sukuma Wiki

This is a vegetable dish based on collard greens and is often prepared by the locals because the greens are available any time of the year and they are cheap too. The sliced collard greens are cooked by sautéing them in oil until tender. Onions and seasoning are added to render some flavor. This dish is often paired with Ugali, a cornmeal based cake.

Masala Chips

These chips are potatoes fried in oil and are cooked in a spicy garam masala sauce. They make really great comfort food and are particularly filling too.

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